Zoning Board Public Hearing - January 26, 2022 - Fire Company site plan approval.

Boards & Committees

Town Board

Victoria Perotti, Town Supervisor

(845) 373-8118 ext. 105
Mobile: (845) 417-6384
Fax: (845) 373-9147

Annette Culligan, Secretary to Supervisor
(845) 373-8118 ext. 105

Nancy Nowak, Typist to Supervisor
(845) 373-8119 ext. 108

Planning Board

Robert Boyles, Jr., Chairman

Judy Westfall, Planning Board Secretary

(845) 373-8860 ext. 122
Fax: (845) 373-9826


Zoning Board

Terry Metcalfe, Chairman

Judy Westfall, ZBA Secretary

(845) 373-8860 x124

(845) 789-1132 FAX


Agendas, Members, Minutes & Notices


  1. Authorizing The Investment Policy For The Town Of Amenia
  2. Authorizing Town Constable To Carry Firearm
  3. Authorizing Execution Of Service Agreement With The Town Of Amenia Historical Society
  4. Resolution Employing Certified Public Accountant For Accounting And Auditing Services For Calendar Year 2022
  5. Resolution Employing Legal Services To The Town Of Amenia Town Board For Calendar Year 2022
  6. Employing Legal Services- Special Prosecutor For The Town Of Amenia For Calendar Year 2022
  7. Resolution Employing Legal Services To The Town Of Amenia Town Board For The Calendar Year 2022 For The Tax Certiorari Matters
  8. Employing Engineering Services For Calendar Year 2022
  9. Employing Legal Services To The Town Of Amenia Planning Board And Zoning Board Of Appeals For Calendar Year 2022
  10. Employing Planning Consultant Services For Calendar Year 2022
  11. Employing Town Forester For Calendar Year 2022
  12. Introducing Proposed Local Law NO. X of 2022 Entitled "A Local Law To Change The Grievance Day For Assessment"
  13. Resolution Granting Town Assessor Authority To Grant Exemptions on the 2022 Town Assessment Roll
  14. Authorizing A License Agreement With Dutchess Community College For English As A Second Language Program
  15. Standard Work Day And Reporting For New York State and Local Employees' Retirement System
  16. Transfer Of Funds For December 2021 #2
  17. Transfer Of Funds For January 2022
  18. Appointing Part-Time Temporary Building Inspector To The Building Department
  19. 2021

    1. Authorize Town Constables to Carry Firearms
    2. 2021 Authorize Town Constables to Carry Firearm
    3. 2021 Adoption of Investment Policy
    4. 2021 Adoption of NYS LGS-1 Retention and Disposition Schedule
    5. 2021 Transfer of Funds for December #2 2020
    6. 2021 Authorizing Change Order no. 2
    7. 2021 Authorizing Town Engineer to Prepare a Cost Estimate
    8. 2021 Authorizing Application for NYS DEC.EFC Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering
    9. 2021 Standard Workday - Employees' Retirement System
    10. 2021 Transfer of Funds December #3 2020
    11. 2021 Authorizing Renewal Procedures for Real Property Tax Exemptions
    12. 2021 Authorizing emergency roof repairs at Highway Garage
    13. 2021 Approve hire Hudson Valley Appraisal Corp for Appraisal Review of Martin Fox Hollow Farm LLC
    14. 2021 Resolution Authorizing Execution of Dog Control Housing Agreement with Pine Plains Veterinary Associates, P.C.
    15. 2021 Authorize Purchase of Laptop Computer for Planning
    16. 2021 Authorize Printing and Mailing of Affordable Housing Postcard
    17. 2021 Transfer of Funds for December 2020 #4
    18. 2021 Transfer of Funds for January 2021
    19. 2021 Renewal of Dog Control Housing Agreement with Pine Plains Veterinary Associates
    20. 2021 Adopting the 2021 Town of Amenia Emergency Operations Plan
    21. 2021 Accepting Bridging Divides Grant from Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
    22. 2021 Transfer of Funds for March 2021
    23. 2021 Award contract for Engineering Services for Route 44 Sidewalk Extension to Beekman
    24. 2021 Adopting Town fo Amenia Public Employer Health Emergency Plan
    25. 2021 Transfer of Funds
    26. 2021 Authorize Amended Consent Judgment for Tax Certificate Heathcote Farms LLC
    27. 2021 Authorize revocable license agreement to Northeast Central School District
    28. 2021 Transfer of Funds for April 2021
    29. 2021 Adopting Town of Amenia Employee Handbook
    30. 2021 Authorizing Transfer of Bank Account
    31. 2021 Authorizing Town Planner to Assist Housing
    32. 2021 Award Contract for ADA Improvements and Sidewalk Replacement
    33. 2021 Authorize Purchase of Replacement Server
    34. 2021 Transfer of Funds
    35. 2021 Professional Services Change Order
    36. 2021 Authorize Resubmission NYS-DEC.EFC Wastewater Infrustructor Planning Grant
    37. 2021 Authorize Supervisor to Create Workforce Housing Trust Fund
    38. 2021 Transfer of Funds for June
    39. 2021 Authorize Grant Writer to Prepare Design Plans for Highway Garage
    40. 2021 Authorize Naming of Private Road
    41. 2021 Transfer of Funds for July
    42. 2021 Authorizing Purchase for Highway Department
    43. 2021 Declaring Structure Unsafe and Order Repair or Removal
    44. 2021 Declaring Structure Unsafe at Tally Ho Drive
    45. 2021 Authorizing Emergency Roof Repair
    46. 2021 Accept Donation from Village of Millerton
    47. 2021 Authorizing Additional Street Light Conversion
    48. 2021 Authorize Grant Application and Accept Award
    49. 2021 Transfer of Funds
    50. 2021 Approving Hiring Hudson Valley Appraisal Corp.
    51. 2021 Introduce Opting Out of the Licensing and Establishment of Cannabis Retail.
    52. 2021 Replacement of Leak Detection System for Undergroud Oil Tank.
    53. 2021 Authorize Crawford and Association Engineering PC to Assist the Town in Reviewing the Poroposal for New Highway Garage.
    54. 2021 Accepting Payment in Lieu of Providing Workforce Housing from Silo Ridge.
    55. 2021 Adopting Preliminary Budget for 2022.
    56. 2021 Transfir of Funds for October 2021.
    57. 2021 Appoint A Marriage Officer
    58. 2021 Amenia Historic Minute Books Project
    59. 2021 Placement Of Road Signs on the Town Roads Pursuant to the Dutchess County Local Law
    60. 2021 Intended use of CDBG Funds and the Submission of the Grant Application for Fiscal Year 2022
    61. 2021 Authorize the Adoption of Local Law Opting Out of the Licensing and Establishment of Cannabis Retail Dispensaries and Onsite Consumption Sites within the Town of Amenia
    62. 2021 Authorize second Public Hearing Franchise Renewal Agreement
    63. Adopting Annual Town Budget For The Fiscal Year Commencing January 1, 2022
    64. Transfer Of Funds
    65. Appointing Clerk (PT) To The Building Department
    66. Renew The Cable Franchise Agreement with Cablevision Systems
    67. Renewal Of The Dog Control Housing Agreement with Pine Plains Veterinary, P.C.
    68. Rejecting All Bids Received in Response to The Town of Amenia Request For Proposals for Engineering Services for a New Town Highway Garage and Salt Shed
    69. Disposal Of Surplus Equipment
    70. Transfer of Funds For December 2021
    71. Transfer Of Unspent Highway Funds to Be Invested in a CD within The Highway Fund
    72. Acknowledging The Retirement Of The Town Of Amenia Assessor and Appointing A New Assessor
Supervisor Victoria Perotti
Councilwoman - Deputy Supervisor Vicky Doyle
Councilman Leo Blackman
Councilman Brad Rebillard
Councilman P. Damian Gutierrez
John Stephanopoulos (12/31/24)
Walter Brett (12/31/25)
Matt Deister (12/31/27)
Robert Boyles Jr (12/31/21) - Chairman
Nina Peek (12/31/22)
Anthony Robustelli (12/31/23)
Neal Kusnetz (12/31/2026)

Archive Agendas, Minutes & Notices

Towns of Amenia, Beekman, Dover, and NorthEast Municipal Archive


Alison Francis Jeff Barnett-Winsby jbarnett-winsby@ameniany.gov
Tracy Salladay tsalladay@ameniany.gov
Charlie Miller Stacy Mantel smantel@ameniany.gov
Michael Peek – Chairman mpeek@ameniany.gov
Mark Doyle mdoyle@ameniany.gov
Mia Genovesi mgenovesi@ameniany.gov
Sharon Kroeger skroger@ameniany.gov
Christina Gast cgast@ameniany.gov
Stacy Mantel
Christopher Howard – Chairman christopherhoward@optimum.net
Aaron Howard Jr aaronhowardjr@gmail.com
Marco D’Antonio marcod@sebiny.com
Tim Shea Mike Segelken mselgenken@ameniany.gov
Christopher Klingner cklingner@ameniany.gov
Megan Chamberlain toahd@optimum.net
Victoria Perotti supervisor@ameniany.gov
Eric Eschbach – Chairman eeschbach@ameniany.gov
Margie O’Brien mobrien@ameniany.gov
Maureen Earls mearls@ameniany.gov
Stacy Mantel smantel@ameniany.gov
Charlotte Murphy-Chairwoman (12/31/24)
Jeanne Thornton Schwager (12/31/22)
Evelyn O’Connell (12/31/25)
Jeff Barnett-Winsby (12/31/2023)
Barbara Rotovnik(12/31/27)
Steven Benardete, Chairman (9/30/25)
Lauren Levin (9/30/2026)
Vern Fish (9/30/22)
Herbert Schwager (9/30/24)
Anthony Robert (9/30/23)

Christopher Milano (12/31/23) cmilano@ameniany.gov
Barbara Rotovnik (12/31/24) rotovnik@ameniany.gov
Linda Gregory (12/31/25) lgregory@ameniany.gov
Peter McCaffrey (12/31/21) mccaffrey@ameniany.gov
Paul Winters(12/31/2027)
James Wright- Chairman jwright@ameniany.gov
John Stewart jstewart@ameniany.gov
Nathan Roy nroy@ameniany.gov
Charlie Miller Paul Winters pwinters@ameniany.gov
Stacy Mantel smantel@ameniany.gov
Shannon Roback