Water Department

Water Bills/Payments

You may pay your bill in person at Amenia Town Hall:

Monday through Thursday from 9:00 – 3:45

The Water Department is located on the 2nd floor

You can use a credit card to pay in person or by using the link for Online Payments. E-Checks are also accepted online.

Water Treasurer – Victoria Jasmin – 845-373-8118 x106

After-hours payments may be dropped in the locked metal box attached to the wall outside the main entrance.

For questions about water bills and payments call Water District clerk Nancy Nowak at 845-373-8860 x106

Select the link below to see information about the recent water outage:

Amenia Water District_Watermain 040524_F


Contact Us

Water Department

Water Billing
Nancy Nowak, Billing Clerk
Town of Amenia Water District #1
845-373-8860 ext 106

VRI – Water Operator
Phone: EMERGENCY – 845-677-3839

4988 Route 22
Amenia, NY 12501

Water Rates

Single Family Home: $75.00/5,000 gal.

Multiple Dwelling Home: $110.00/5,000 gal.

Commercial Business: $135.00/5,000 gal.

Additional water: $5.00/1,000 gal.

Water Department

Our water source is made up of 5 wells located throughout the water district. At each of the well locations the water is treated with chlorine for disinfection purposes, it is then pumped directly into the distribution system. The unused water is stored in a 200,000 gallon storage tank located at Washington Court treatment facility. Our system serves 1006 people through 305 service connections. The total water produced in 2011 was 34 million gallons with an average monthly use of 2.5 million gallons. The daily average of water treated and pumped into the distribution system was 99,000 gallons a day.


Annual Water Quality Report 2021

Annual Water Quality Report 2022


Usage Charges, Payments, Penalties, Fees, Turn-Off and Turn-on Fees

Base Rate &

Usage Charges

Single Family Home $75.00 first 5,000 gallons
$5.00 each additional 1,000 gallons
Multiple Dwelling
(Two or more apartments in the same building)
$110.00 first 5,000 gallons
$5.00 each additional 1,000 gallons
Commercial $135.00 first 5,000 gallons
$5.00 each additional 1,000 gallons
Payment/Penalties 30 days beyond due date: 10% penalty  compounding quarterly.
Meter Installation/Removal $150.00
Turn-Off, Turn-On, for Damage,
Delinquency, Trouble-Shooting, or Emergency
Service Connection Fee 3/4 Inch to 1 Inch $350.00
Additional Fee to Add Outstanding Fees, Penalties,
and Interest to Property Tax Bill
Final Meter Reading $100.00
Finding Laterals at the Request of the Homeowner $150.00
Testing Alternate Meter Brands $150.00
Request to Test Installed Meter:  If Inaccurate: no charge                  If Accurate
Inaccessible Meter $500.00 per quarter residential
$1,000.00 per quarter commercial/multifamily
Tampering With Public Water Supply $500.00 plus associated costs of repairs